Monday, September 13, 2010

Orchard to Oven Apple Pie School

Chef Meloni Courtway and I at the apple pie class.

Ok - First let me say this is the very first time I have every published a blog with multiple photos in it. The reason being is that I don't like the way you have to upload them (blogspot please take note) So this is a little out of order, but I'll make it work.

So my friend GW and I decided to sign up for a pie class at Olympia's orchard and if you are in the area, you need to sign up for one of these classes too. It was awesome. You start by going out to the orchard, picking the apples for your pie, bringing them back to the farm lodge and making your pie. from scratch. the old fashioned way. what can possibly be more awesome than that? oh they feed you a snack, and some pie, and you get hands on instruction from Meloni who won the Best Bakers in America Award by Martha Stewart... ya. it's THAT awesome.

A photo with myself, Meloni (she's in the chef coat - duh) and GW infront of the oven where we baked our pies (also where they baked the delish pizza we noshed on while waiting for our pies to bake)

GW and I out picking our apples

The schedule of events for the day

My finished pie. Yes, really I MADE THAT! THAT beautiful piece of love right there.
So with this one, you aren't getting a recipe (go try the class for yourself) but you are getting some advise, even if you think you are a pretty good cook, it's really fun to go get tips and pointers from a pro. Oh and if they feed you yummy stuff, and let you drink wine while you do it, all the more reason to sign up.
Just sayin.

PS - Look to the right - you will find a link to Meloni's food blog. Check it out. There is some great stuff there.

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