Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is Clippings of thyme

When I was a kid, I started clipping recipes and putting them into a binder, by aboout 25, I had filled two 3" binders with clipped recipies. In addition to this I have inherited a smaller binder of clipped recipies from my Grandmother Mary and a rather large recipe box from my Grandmother Melusine.

Last night I was looking for a recipe I swore was in one of my binders (it was) but with looking, I came to the realization that for all these recipies that I have, I have tried MAYBE ten of them, in the entire collection in the nearly 20 years that have passed since I began these books. Although 4 recipies are staples in my cooking rotation, the others have just sat there.

So, this is my attempt to get in touch with myself from ages ~15 to ~25, and get inside my head then and wonder what exactly was I thinking when I clipped these recipies. In addition to my quest, I am hoping to cook all the recipies that I have inherited from both of my Grandmother's knowing full well that they too did not cook all of them.

There isn't any rhyme or reason to how I plan to go about cooking them, because there is no rhyme or reason to how they are put into the books. I will cite authors if I know them or where the recipe originally came from when available and if the original recipie had nifty things like nutrition facts or costs per serving - I will try to include that stuff along the way too.

I am currently working on a rating / indexing system of the recipies as well so they will be easier for people to find.

more soon.


  1. I love this idea! I can't wait to read more :)

  2. Thanks O. I am excited to do it. I think it will make for a great growing experience for me.

  3. Fabulous inspiration for blogging. I'll be reading!