Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final grading and what it pairs well with

This is my system for my final grading of the dishes, and also what it pairs well with, cause the foodie in me can't leave you hanging. I have to tell you if it's a cocktail kinda dish, something that goes well with wine, or if it's a dish where nothing but a good cold beer will do it justice.

(ok, also, if I made a bad call on what I served it with -- a better pick for round 2)

Served with: Cocktail; Wine; Beer

Overall Grade: New Favorite!; It was OK; Serve to Unwelcome Guests; Even the dog won't eat it


  1. Is it wrong that I'm just a little excited at the notion of collecting a few "Serve to Unwelcome Guests" recipes?

    Love the grading system!

  2. not at all! I am kinda excited about finding some of those, and I am sure I will!